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Open E-Bike Tours

  • 4 hours 30 minutes
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4 hours 30 minutes
We start our morning ride from our shop at the centre of the city, setting destination to Sangri village the place of the venetians as it used to be their preferred village when they occupied the island in the 13th century, you can tell itโ€™s not like any other village by its architecture which differs from the typical Greek style, after we take a walk inside the village we continue our trip to the Temple of Dimitra, which was built around 530 BC out of Naxian marble which is said to be one of the best Greek marbles, the temple is in very good condition and very well preserved. Next up we ride up to the Bazeos tower to set course for Damalas village to meet Manolis the potter to show us the art of pot making, after this already long ride we continue to reach Chalki village which used to be the capital of Naxos in the 18th century to roam around this beautifull village that hides so many secrets in its narrow alleys, the perfect place to have a coffee or a drink and enjoy the breeze of the village. Finally we set course back through Potamia village the village of rivers, as in the winter and spring its full of running waters. The way back is easy and almost downhill at all times. After one hour of descendance we reach the suborns of Chora to ride through it and reach our bike shop once again.


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Open E-Bike Tours

Morning Session

Wednesday, 10th August 2022 @ 09:00
4 hours 30 minutes

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